Ingress Protection

The ingress protection of ROSE enclosures are classified in accordance with the generally applicable directives meeting EN 60529 and IEC 144.

The ingress protection is identified by a code composed of two identical letters “IP” followed by two numbers indicating the degree of protection:

First number: Degrees of protection relating to the ingress of solid foreign objects:

0 – No protection
1 – Protection against large foreign bodies (object size: >50mm)
2 – Protection against medium-sized foreign bodies  (object size: >12.5mm)
3 – Protection against small foreign bodies  (object size: >2.5mm)
4 – Protection against grainy foreign bodies  (object size: >1mm)
5 – Protection against dust deposits  (object size: dust protected)
6 – Protection against the ingress of dust  (object size: dust tight)

Second number: Degrees of protection relating to the ingress of water:

0 – No protection
1 – Protection against dripping water
2 – Protection against dripping water when tilted at 15° angle
3 – Protection against water spray
4 – Protection against water splashes
5 – Protection against water jet
6 – Protection against powerful water jets
7 – Protection when immersed up to 1m
8 – Protection when immersed beyond 1m

The ingress protection indicated for the enclosures refer to the un-machined enclosures in the delivered state. Ageing and temperature fluctuations might lead to a reduction of the degree of protection.