Membrane Keypads


  • Membrane and short stroke keypads
  • Standard versions
  • Customized design
  • Complete systems

Standard Keypads

  • Membrane keypads with 1 to 40 keys
  • PC-keypads with 30 to 107 keys
  • Keypad decoder and accessories

Customised Keypads

  • Membrane and short stroke keypads
  • Individual design
  • Prototypes in 48-hour-Service

Complete Solutions

  • ROSE enclosures complete with individual keypad
  • From pre-assembled up to complete ready-for-use system.

The requirements for dust and waterproof enclosures lead mostly to the use of keypads as operator interfaces. Many of our enclosures in operating, display and electronic enclosure product ranges are already designed for the fitting of flat entry aids. For building up sets we can offer keypads in various designs adapted to the application case. We can also offer optimum problem solutions from the same supplier at short notice, which saves on the coordination of various enclosures and keypads at the development stage. This means that we can offer the user a closed enclosure including function surface, in which all that remains is to fit any further modules required.