Ex Junction Box / Ex Control Station CS Box


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Product Overview

  • Polyamide enclosure system for individual fitting of 22.5 mm control switches
  • Execution with 22.5 mm lid holes or without lid holes
  • Base with cable entries M20 / M25

Technical Data

Explosion protection
II 2 G
II 2 D
Ex e II T6 (increased safety)
Ex ia IIC T6 (intrinsic safety)
Ex e (ia) IIC T6 (mixed fi tting)

IECEx PTB 09.0020U, PTB 02 ATEX 1076U,
IECEx PTB 09.0021, PTB 08 ATEX 1109

Polyamide 12

RAL 9005, jet black

Ingress protection
IP 66 to EN 60529

Impact resistance
7 Joule to EN 60079-0

Surface resistance
<109 Ohm to IEC 60093

Temperature range
-20°C to +60°C