Commander SL4000


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Product Overview

  • Modern enclosure system for control and display systems
  • Flexible size variability in height and width, 3 enclosure depths
  • Easy mounting of door hinge and Sealsystem
  • Integrated handle system
  • NEW: Combination profile 4: 153 mm depth for combinations:
    • Profile 1 + Profile 4
    • Profile 2 + Profile 4
    • fixed / hinged
  • Configure your SL4000 online!

Technical Data

Profile: DIN EN 573 EN AW-ALMgSi
Cast corner: DIN EN AC-AlSi 12Cu 1 (Fe)

Material: corner: PE seal
Front panel: CR seal

Painting / Surface:
Powder coating
or natural anodized

Profile: optional RAL 7035 or natural anodized
Corner element: optional RAL 7035 or RAL 9007
Special colour on request

Ingress protection:
IP 65 to EN 60529

Temperature range:
-30°C to +80°C